Stories about Suez Canal

Our bets on CPEC may not necessarily pay off

In Pakistan, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been trending for a few months. Like ‘Brexit’, CPEC is also a big step. Hence, any news related to CPEC spreads like fire. If you are attending an intellectual gathering, be up-to-date with the project. I’ve observed that CPEC is a hot topic at these get-togethers. There’s no doubt that CPEC is important for Pakistan and it plays a pivotal role in regional politics, but it has been blown out of proportion thanks to print and electronic media. It seems that clock manufacturers in Switzerland are more concerned about CPEC than the precision of their clocks. And drug ...

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Am I a qualified PhD if I paid someone else to write my thesis?

If you were to imagine a PhD student, what would you think? Well-educated? Well-versed in the language of instruction? Well-spoken? Well-read? Well, some problems become worse than you initially expect them to be. To detect this problem, you don’t have to look any further than at the present lot of PhD degree holders in most of the private and public universities in Pakistan. PhD holding faculties exists in several universities, in big and small cities, where the incumbents can hardly even construct one correct sentence in English. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) seems to be emphasising on inducting raw MS and ...

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