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Obama’s Wars: Exposing Pakistan’s demons

Bob Woodward’s book, “Obama’s Wars” has opened a Pandora ’s box of controversy. The government’s rebuttals notwithstanding, Ambassador Hussain Haqqani’s comparison of Pakistan to a woman eager to be wooed, President Zardari’s astounding query about possible US support for the Pakistani Taliban and the portrayal of General Kayani as an international man of mystery will generate heated debate locally. Most gruesome and heartrending of all revelations however, is of course our President’s comments on civilian casualties. President Zardari is reported to have said to then Director CIA Gen Hayden: “Collateral damage worries you Americans. It does not worry me.” It is difficult to ...

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Brand culture: What’s in a name?

Let’s face it Shakespeare was wrong, his immortal words from Romeo and Juliet are inherently flawed. No a rose will not smell as sweet if it were named smelly socks would it? Names are important and complicated creatures and the naming process, whether for a first born child or a brand requires a somewhat lengthy but always intense thought process. My own name Tyrone is one unfamiliar to most Pakistani eyes, ears and tongues. Forget the double take, I’ve had people pause for minutes on end when they hear my name. My poor listener is even more flabbergasted if s/he ...

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What Dr Aafia protests mean for Muslims

The conviction of Pakistani neuroscientist Dr Aafia Siddiqui should be seen through the prism of the dark plot hatched by certain elements in the West against Islam and its adherents. How else can one explain the 86-year sentence on seven counts that Dr Aafia received? The West knows that the sentence given to Dr Aafia will cause massive disappointment in the Muslim world. There will be protests, there will be riots and much more ‘spice’ which the western media is looking for. The US has saved itself from a universal insult and the tag of hypocrisy by sentencing Dr Aafia. Had ...

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