Stories about State security

CDA is vigilant about encroachment in slum areas, but won’t shut down big businesses?

Violence against journalists must always be condemned, but what about the collateral damage caused to common citizens by a media houses’ flouting of the law? The ARY news office is illegally operating in a residential area, violating Capital Development Authority (CDA) land use rules. Besides the defiance of the law of the land, the nature of operation of this particular business exposes residents to an unnecessary threat. When the terror threat level is high, state security will tell people to avoid commercial areas and stay home. Media houses usually relay such statements verbatim, but might avoid offering this disclaimer, “Media houses are a prime terrorist ...

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Terror and bloodshed in Balochistan: Who’s to blame?

For several weeks, a group of coy Baloch men and women camped outside the Islamabad Press Club. Mostly young, many are members of the Baloch Student Organisation (Azad). Samina, 9-years-old, left her home in Mekran to demand justice for her father, whom she has never met. Behind her petite demure is a large poster with faces of the missing, abducted in various parts of Balochistan, accusing security agencies for the disappearance of many fathers, brothers and sons. “No one is safe, there are arms everywhere,” said Governor of Balochistan, Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi, at a civil society meeting in Quetta, as ...

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