Stories about spirits

Dance with me, my love!

If you knew the world would soon end, And we both would perish, When this moment is spent, This jiffy would die and with it, Our spirits would burn and fly!   Would you care, my love, to dance with me, When we have time to dance, To the end of the sky?   Let’s dance, my love, Before dreams are lost, And longing is rusted, In our hearts and eyes, For the dead dance not, Nor ashes cry!   Before the lights are out, And the doors are closed, Wild hearts are muted, No more they pine and sigh.   Here! Before the world ends, Dance with me, my love! Dance to the end of the sky!   Or would you not ...

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Series 2: “The Djinn” Part 3 Written in blood

One day, I showed a letter to Hercules which my grandmother found in a drawer of this house.  It was dated June 1942. “Dearest Lily, It’s been a while since I wrote. The cook was away and we were at the club every day because nothing can persuade me to cook in this heat. All stoves are wretched of course, but these ones much more so. My respect for Indian haunches increases whenever I see our cook, all 200 pounds of him squatting at that blazing furnace for hours doing whatever it is one does with kedgerees and curries. And then if you please, ...

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