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8 things I hate about getting my hair dyed

“Aap ke baalon mein two-tone shades aa rahe hain, dye ke bohat sakht zaroorat hai” (Your hair has two-toned shades in it. It is absolutely necessary for you to dye your hair.) There is a constant struggle between the know-it-all salon ladies and ignorant customers. Although we try to fight temptation and stay as far away as possible from these overly welcoming personas, we eventually succumb to their persuasive invitations. Anything to do with hair can be awfully frightening but it is a whole new experience when it comes to colouring hair. Treat it like a canvas and throw different shades on ...

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So your best friend just lost his job?

The global economy is in shambles. For those who have any doubts I recommend checking out the unemployment rate in the country and comparing it to last year’s. A large local media organisation recently fired a crop of employees. Luckily, as far as I know none of my friends were axed. None of them make enough money to warrant being firing – talk about market efficiency. But the incident got me thinking – how do you interact with people who have recently lost their jobs? There is no play book, so I have come up with several courses of ...

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