Stories about South Asian parents

Sui Dhaaga’s simplicity makes it monotonous, but the same simplicity also makes it utterly beautiful

On the face of it, Sui Dhaaga may come across as the story of a married couple struggling to make ends meet, but quickly into the film one realises it is so much more than that. It is a film about the immense power held within the most ordinary skills that are often ignored and rebuked by South Asian society at large. It is also the modern-day struggle of a small town man who defies ordeals and naysayers to fulfil his dreams through his tailoring skills, making it relatable and inspiring.  Sui Dhaaga stitches the story of the poor and ...

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I almost married a man who was absolutely the wrong person for me, all because “log kya kahengay”

About five years ago, when I was contemplating calling off my wedding a mere three months before the ceremony, one of my biggest concerns was what my parents would endure as a result of my decision. To be clear, I wasn’t worried about what my parents would say, as they’ve always encouraged and supported me. No, I was worried about what people would say to them. If you’ve watched Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix special, Homecoming King, then you’ll know the significance of the phrase “log kya kahengay” (what will people say?). These words have struck fear into many a brown kid’s heart, and indeed are what was on my mind during that ...

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