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What 17-year-old artist Maliha Abbas has accomplished

Art is what gives a society its soul. It creates a shared communal feeling and transcends borders, classes and religions. If art gives society its soul, it’s the artists who give art its soul. The way they interpret things and put them on the canvas encourages discussion and forces us to reflect. Maliha Abbas Abidi is one such artist whose works inspire reflection. Not only that, she also wants to promote Pakistani culture to the world, teach art to students and be an artist, without entering an art academy. She also recently gave a TEDx talk in Karachi. And she is ...

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My visit to Bibi Zainab’s (AS) shrine: Memories cannot be destroyed

I was 23, in my last year of an undergraduate degree and perhaps like every young soul, had many questions about everything under the sky; religion, nationalism, God and just life in general. Although I have always flaunted my beliefs with utmost certainty, there have been many times in which my mind is left wondering, about uncertainties, in an abyss of utter confusion.   That was back in 2008, when I had first visited Syria and fell in love with the country. I loved everything about it; the people, the cultural diversity and above all the sacred shrines that invoked the ...

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On a crisp autumn day

Lifted by crisp autumn wind, Whirl and eddy, And dance up on the ground.   They revel in their flight, To the trees that once beheld them. Some dry leaves, Move upwards, And the rest fall to the earth, Like broken dreams.   Their fall is subsumed, In the lament, Of the autumn wind.   “What makes them vibrate with pleasure? Who gives life to the broken leaves? A benign force in the world, Or a malevolent spirit,” Wonders my soul.   Seeing their joyous flight, My soul yearns, For a divine dance: A dance that lets it, Break shackles, Of earthly existence.   The soul longs passionately, Like a white-robed whirling dervish, Who with closed eyes, And extended arms, Seeks divine union.   The soul desires, To soar in the air: Light ...

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