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Will the new Nancy Drew movie maintain her 80-year-old status as a feminist icon?

From the year 1930 till 2003, the Nancy Drew series, comprising of 175 novels as well as 34 revised stories, has captured the hearts of its readers, particularly female readers, who found the tales of the brave female detective very intriguing. Although many authors tried to evolve the heroine’s character with changing times, culture and audience’s perception, throughout eight decades the central idea of the books stayed true to the original one that was created by Edward Stratemeyer. The Nancy Drew books have been brought to the screen before by various filmmakers. The latest director to join this league is Poison ...

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‘It’ is a twisted, terrifying and an intense piece of work

Clowns are creepy. There’s simply no getting around that. I don’t care what people say, there’s just something odd about a grown man in a kooky outfit wearing makeup, a wig and a red nose, and has that much cheer in him. It’s this creepiness that author Stephen King capitalised on in 1986 when he wrote It, a book that did for clowns what Jaws did for sharks and what Psycho did for taking showers. The title character, Pennywise, is a dancing clown who happens to actually be a macabre and malevolent force of evil that exists in underground sewers of the small town of Derry, Maine. ...

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