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Who wins the lawn war?

Elsewhere in the tropics the cold season is followed by a season of pleasant temperatures before the heat of the summer hits. However, in our part of the world (read Pakistan), temperatures shoot up early in the year as a gazillion brands of lawn engage in a heated battle and try to outdo each other with psychedelic prints and flamboyant campaigns. There are the Icons and the Crescents, the originals and the not-so-originals; there are those who can afford to have Indian celebrities as endorsers and those who get by by hiring local anorexics. For mere spectators like us, this ...

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Aisha: Beauty without brains

My sole purpose of watching Aisha, was to see how Sonam Kapoor who claims to be an avid Jane Austen reader would recreate her master piece ‘Emma’ on the silver screen. Alas! Aisha was no ‘Emma.’ Although it was an adaptation of the book, the film could very well be touted as a desi Sex and the City. Aisha Kapoor (Sonam Kapoor) is the archetypal uptown girl from super rich Delhi. She’s smart,  sassy and devotes her time to animal rights, art exhibitions, polo matches and shopping sprees along with her newly found obsession – matchmaking. The film takes us on ...

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