Stories about social networking

Mechanised lives

I remember having this conversation with one of my seniors, a few days back, who expressed discontent and concern over the fact that technology has absolutely taken over our lives. All of this came from an individual who belonged to a generation that was greatly shocked by the increased penetration of computers and associated gadgets in their professional and personal lives, which greatly replaced conventional typewriters, pen and paper, hence almost forcing them to reinvent their thinking, actions and personalities, in short their entire lifestyle. She was of the opinion that all of us have started believing in gadgets to such ...

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What it’s like not being on Facebook

I seldom go out. When I do, every time I meet new people, the goodbyes invariably include: “Keep in touch. Are you on Facebook?”  And I answer, not like most people: “Uh! Sorry! I’m not.” Yes, I don’t have a Facebook account. This declaration is usually greeted with surprise, even shock. People start reiterating the advantages of being on Facebook, and how it has made not just searching for old friends and contacts so easy, but also ‘to be searched’. However, the monotonous explanations of all that is great about Facebook – being able to keep in touch with others ...

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