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8 reasons why classic Pakistani dramas need to come back

A few days back, while surfing through the inane number of television channels late at night, I came across a repeat telecast of Aangan Tehrra on PTV. Since I had nothing better to do at the time, I decided to watch it for a while… and just in the first few minutes, I was hooked. I remembered watching this show as a child in bits and pieces. But seeing two episodes back-to-back made me realise what a masterpiece this drama was. And at the same time, it dawned on me about how little our current dramas have to offer. Therefore, in the name of ...

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Losing our culture and identity, one drama at a time

Gone are the days when families would sit together and watch Pakistani dramas. Instead, today we get to see the ‘not-so-moving’ storylines that seem to be inspired by Indian soaps. What is worse is that our TV channels show things that are in direct contradiction with our cultural and social values. From pregnancies to abortions, from extra-marital affairs to illegitimate children and elopements, we have been exposed to all kinds and degrees of absurd content in these dramas in the name of modern entertainment. Even respectable relationships are not spared. I have seen countless dramas where a guy falls in love with ...

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