Stories about Sir David Attenborough

Our Planet is more traumatic than it is engaging, and therein lies its greatest fault

Filled with majestic views, dazzling imagery and mesmerising natural spectacles, Our Planet is undoubtedly visually stunning, but it is also traumatising. The nature documentary that arrived on Netflix earlier this month aims to take a look at the impact of climate change on the various life forms which populate the Earth, but takes a few questionable turns along the way. Evidently, years of work have gone into the creation of this visual masterpiece. Over the course of eight episodes, the series takes the viewer from frozen worlds to lush jungles to stunning water bodies, showing how animals live in these ...

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Iguana versus the snakes: The greatest TV moment ever!

And you thought The Battle of the Bastards was telly at its enthralling best. Or perhaps the faceoff between genius chemist/fallen family man Walter White and drug kingpin/fast-food entrepreneur Gus Fring rocked your television boat. Well I hate to burst your fiction fuelled bubble but if you haven’t seen the ‘iguana versus the snakes’ chase off from Planet Earth II documentary series than you are missing out on arguably the greatest TV scene ever. Take the best cinematic chase sequence you have ever watched, multiply it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near the sheer entrancement of experiencing the ...

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