Stories about single parent

A mother’s bitter past

Every time I see your face, It reminds me of my past fate. The rush of love I have for you, Overweighs the pain I feel seeing you. Your eyes remind me of someone, A person whom I thought was ‘the one’. The way you walk makes me revisit that day, When you took your first steps and made your parents gay. Your dad and I celebrated having you, And framed every memory like a permanent tattoo. Now as you grow up, you might miss your dad, But I promise to stay close and hold your back. To bring you up and provide the best for you, I swear to be both ...

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This Father’s Day, I choose to celebrate my mom

If you are fortunate enough, you will grow up with two supportive parents and live a happy, fulfilling life under their guidance and watchful eye. If you are even more blessed, you will be raised by one strong, courageous woman, who stands by you regardless of what the world has to say.  That woman is my mother. There are two sentiments in life I never want associated with me: pity and hatred. Why? Because my mother never introduced me to them and her judgment is one I will not question. So today, as I write this piece and dedicate it to the woman ...

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