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10 things Morning Shows did in 2015 that we don’t want in 2016

2015 was no different from the previous years if we talk about the morning shows in Pakistan. Morning shows have emerged as one of the mandatory pillars without which an entertainment channel cannot stand amidst others. This trend has taken a good number of years to penetrate into our daily lives and this trend has no threat of going extinct any time soon. From nine o’clock in the morning till 11 o’clock, the slot is fixed for these shows. Sometimes the stretch is to 11:30 am or even 12:00 pm on some channels, every Monday to Friday. The hosts of ...

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I agree with Sam Harris and Bill Maher

A few days ago, social media went rife with people praising Ben Affleck. “Batman comes to the rescue” was the general sentiment tweeted by everyone and my friends happily posted the link to the clip from Bill Maher’s show. People were ecstatic that an American, a prominent actor at that, finally stood up for Islam on a highly rated TV show. The clip did not just cause a sensation in Pakistan; it opened a debate online with prominent analysts like Reza Aslan and Fareed Zakaria taking up sides and expressing their opinions. As I thought over what Maher and Sam Harris had said, I found myself ...

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