Stories about short poem

An infallible love

A penny for your thoughts, A dollar for your words, A fortune for your loyalty, So logical yet so absurd. You are my confidant, You are my friend, You are my rainbow after the rain, You are the means to my end. I tell you my secret, With you, I trust my darkest desire, And when the night is cold and harsh, You stoke the flames of my fire. You make me more, More than I have known before, More than I can fathom, dream or conjure, Like the first time a child caresses their mother’s skin, you complete me so. I want to hold you, cherish you, And keep you in my arms, Until the bells ...

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A teacher’s response

No, beta, the trees can’t talk and sing, Nature doesn’t invite you in, And the wind certainly doesn’t give you wings! No, no, colours don’t melt, Transcendental emotions you pen aren’t felt, Word in your poems, Are sounds, lines, and curves, Not pillows, crutches and memory reserves. And please, people are people, Can’t see a rose in a person and person in a rose, A void exists only in space, Not in her eyes! Her hair, how can it be like a fall? Her smile like a fresh stream, And laughter like a heart’s somersault? Sorry, beta, but the dead are dead. Their love and laughter, you can’t store, And their memories, time will ...

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