Stories about She’s All That

Why God, why am I a woman?

Sexual violence towards women have reached epidemic proportions worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you’re covered in a shuttlecock burqa or strutting your stuff in a bikini, our existence as females is under continuous attack. As women, we are supposed to be pliant, obedient, great chefs, honourable, sexually available and constantly blamed for the ills of society including the misdemeanours of men.  Having lived in the West and East, my perspectives and observations are unique. I can honestly say that things on both sides of the world don’t look good for women. Being born and raised in Saudi Arabia, one of the ...

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Remembering Paul Walker, our Fast & Furious hero

December 1, 2013 – 8:30 am I woke up Sunday morning, dreading the day that was going to be full of guests very soon. I had a busy day ahead of me and all I could think of doing was lazing around in bed, not bothering with anything in the world. Knowing, however, that I couldn’t do that, I struggled to move the warm embrace my blanket insisted on giving me.  December 1, 2013 – 8:30 pm The last few guests moved from the dining room, into the TV lounge for green tea before they (finally) made an exit. Whilst serving them hot cups ...

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