Stories about sentenced to death

Asma Jehangir, a force to be reckoned with

Growing up, I was filled with loathing for Asma Jehangir and yet somewhere deep down I had a sense of respect for her, however grudging it may have been. Today, I have come full circle and openly admit having deep and uninhibited respect for her. My dislike for her was primarily caused by her views which portrayed her as ‘anti-Pakistan’ and ‘against’ Islam. But I was way different back then as I used to be a typical product of state-tutored nationalism and considered any criticism of the state as anti-Pakistan. This brand of nationalism, instilled through textbooks and the media, creates deep mistrust of the outside ...

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They feared him. They hated him. They wanted him dead.

They feared him. They hated him. They wanted him dead. His name was Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, and his reformist voice threatened the very foundation of a family business disguised as an Islamic Kingdom. In 2008, The Guardian described him “as the most popular Saudi Shia cleric among local youth”. Following his arrests, thousands flooded the streets in Saudi Arabia, in what was an unprecedented event for the country. On the surface, his means were reportedly peaceful. In 2011, he told the BBC he preferred “the roar of the word against authorities rather than weapons… the weapon of the word is stronger than bullets, because authorities will profit from a battle of ...

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