Stories about self-love

Wake up to sleep

I drew a portrait, And called myself an artist. When I did not have time to draw anymore, Did I become any less of myself?   This skin shedding, This habit leaving. This growing up, This looking back, The self is here. Oh, but look! The self is missing from itself again.   I misplaced myself in time. You are now trying to erase yourself from the past. It just won’t do. This filling of flesh into tomorrow, Leaving today, to tuck itself to sleep, Alone. But wait – Don’t leave just yet. Stay for a while.   Tell me, What did you learn? What did you bury? How did you grow into yourself again? But more pressingly, Did you love? Did you breathe in the green today? Did ...

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10 beliefs

Given the recent surge in ‘top 10 lists on everything under the sun’, I too felt like coming up with a list of 10 items. ‘Top 10 parenting skills’ and ‘Top 10 dog names’ came to mind, as I had previously written about parenting and keeping a dog, albeit in separate articles. However, as soon as I had thought of those topics, my mind discarded them as something else intrigued me more. Closer to the end of the year, perhaps as a New Year’s resolution, the question that I had pondered upon was – is there any purpose to life, and if so what might it be? Based ...

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