Stories about Salman Rushdie

Why Imran Khan won’t go to India

As political debates go, the recent announcement that Imran Khan will not be going to the India Today Conclave due to Salman Rushdie’s presence there, left opinions divided, with some calling Khan’s decision the right one, and others referring to it as pandering to the right. Unfortunately, neither one is correct. While Khan would argue that his decision is based on the “immeasurable hurt caused to Muslims across the globe” by Rushdie, his decision, just days before the event should not come as a surprise. He has been consistent in saying he would refuse to attend any event at which Mr ...

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Jaipur Literature Festival: Prisoner of a palace

An outsider who has never been part of the Jaipur Literature Festival wonders what goes on for four days in the Diggi Palace, a 16th century palace owned by one of the descendants of some nondescript feudal lords. The day starts with four different sessions on varied issues running parallel in four different venues, aptly named Mughal Durbar, Mughal Tent and so on. Before lunch, three such sessions are held and writers interact with moderator and audience. The same continues after the elaborate rich Rajasthani lunch and it ends at 6.30 pm. Then, the music session starts and soon after, the bar and ...

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Rakhi Sawant and Aamir Liaquat: Whither media ethics?

What do Rakhi Sawant and Aamir Liaquat Hussain have in common? Both are given to hectoring, passing arbitrary judgements and being shameless to the core. Perhaps the only difference between the two is that while the holier than thou TV anchor uses the religion card to ensnare the indiscreet and undiscerning viewer, the brassy Rakhi Sawant resorts to shock and awe tactics. Now, both have another point of similarity: murder allegations. With this Bollywood item girl’s messy track record, it is indeed surprising that NDTV thought it appropriate to hand her a reality show on a platter. Rakhi is seen in the role of a ...

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