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Frieha Altaf may be a celebrity but that does not mean she has the right to shame and share other people’s choices

Sitting in a packed waiting room of a prominent doctor’s clinic, I could not help noticing a middle-aged man fiddling with his phone. In a room clouded with uneasy murmurs of a long wait, he seemed at ease. The disturbing thought that he might be filming something – one of us perhaps – made me anxious. Only after I managed to sneak a peek at his cell phone screen could l let out a sigh of relief, after finding him entertaining himself with music videos. The realisation is powerful – the power of having a camera in your hand at ...

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Pakistan’s fashion and advertising industries can learn a thing or two from Saheefa Jabbar and Shahnaz ki shaadi

I remember when I first noticed model Saheefa Jabbar. It was an ad on Facebook for Khaadi, and with her strikingly different appearance, she made, what were essentially ordinary clothes, stand out. With a close-cropped hairstyle, which is commonly known as the ‘pixie cut’, and a confident posture, she looked different and charming at the same time. Intricate embroidery, contemporary cut and subtle colours; all you need for a hip look.Pret Denim collection, now available in stores and online Posted by Khaadi on Saturday, August 19, 2017 Her look was certainly an unusual option for an audience that is used to ...

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Guys with ‘man buns’ are oh-so-hot, but Saheefa Jabbar Khattak gets a pixie cut and she loses her appeal and rights as a woman?

What if I told you that an educated Pakistani model, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, was denied entrance into a women’s washroom because of her pixie haircut?  Yes, not only were her basic human rights denied, she was also shamed on social media for ‘sacrificing’ her hair length for a photoshoot. #isupportsaheefaA few hours ago, I came across a facebook live video that broke my heart, I mean literally! Saheefa… Posted by Fahad Hussain on Monday, August 21, 2017 To put an end to all the derogatory comments on her photos, Khattak recorded a live video and addressed all the haters directly. She spoke about the double ...

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