Stories about Ryan Harris

Mitchell Johnson, the hunter who instilled fear on the pitch

With a moustache that made him look more like a gangster than a cricketer, running in with a single-minded purpose of making you pay for just showing up at his turf (the crease), Mitchell Johnson must have been a scary site for many international cricketers. And he could make the ball talk when on song – not like Wasim Akram, who would make the ball swoon to his tune, but in a way that was more dangerous in the physical risk it posed to the batsmen. Photo: Reuters Johnson was an inconsistent performer at the highest level. There were days ...

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Dale Steyn: The best fast bowler ever!

While the whole cricket fraternity was going gaga over Dale Steyn’s bowling heroics during the second Test match of the last series played between South Africa and Australia, a couple of my friends came up with a peculiar yet interesting theory. According to them, due to the dearth of good fast bowlers in Test cricket, batsmen, in general, have become complacent, and as a consequence, their techniques have become more vulnerable against top quality swing bowling. Some very good bowlers, taking advantage of the technical deficiencies of modern batsmen, have mustered up career figures that are comparable to the best of all time, even if ...

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