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Eighteen years and counting

A watchman at a rural health centre in Chiniot has not been paid his salary for 18 years. All this time he has been arriving at the office at 7 o’clock in the morning and leaving at 11 in the night. The worker and the management have both kept to their ways. (Who’s watching out for the watchman? The Express Tribune, April 17, 2011) The official, identified as Munir Ahmed, has been regularly visiting the accounts department first day of the month, every month, to demand his wages. The cashier has been telling him his cheque is not ready. Every ...

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Musharraf has my vote!

In case you guys missed it, ex-dictator (now plain-suited) Pervez Musharraf put up a video on his Facebook page last night with a rather abstract question for his horde of loving fans. The question was: Are Pakistani people capable of differentiating good from bad? It is perhaps the first time this self serving, love-fest of a page has actually caught my attention – perhaps because this is also the first time I have seen Musharraf actually pose a question which had the potential to alienate and confuse his doting minions, and I just LOVE to see a hero shoot himself in the ...

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Disappearance of the word rural

The loss of the word rural deprives a large and important element of the country of a name. Ingenious efforts have been made to avoid the word rural for example ‘non-metropolitan,’ ‘non-urban,’ ‘regional city’ and even ‘micropolis.’ Disappearance of the word rural is a case of urban imperialism.  If nothing out there is noteworthy of a name then it becomes a place to play in, play with, override, and destroy at will. This imperial view provides silent justification for the imposition of regional governments on small communities as well as the closing of rural schools, community centres and hospitals. Thus, ...

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