Stories about Rupert Sanders

Ghost in the Shell: When filmmakers choose style over substance

Almost everyone’s vision of the (very distant) future is bound to include robots and robotics playing an integral role in everyday human lives. The future envisioned in the film Ghost in the Shell is no different, but it takes the concept one step further, leading us to a setting where the line between human and machine is fast disappearing. The westernised adaptation of the Japanese science-fiction manga classic finds humans living in a world where, thanks to advancements in technology, people now have the option to enhance themselves with cybernetic parts. But Hanka Robotics, the globe’s leading developer of such augmentation, has ...

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Kristen Stewart: Once a cheater always a cheater?

THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! Let’s forgive Kristen Stewart, shall we? Cheating is not my favourite subject. Like many women, I’ve been cheated on— not once, but twice. I absolutely despise cheating. More than anything else, I loathe the cheater; that emotionally vapid, cowardly and incredibly stupid rat! How dare he assume that I won’t find out?! I may drive a stake through my future boyfriend’s heart if he so much as makes eye contact with a member of the opposite sex. But in the wake Kristen Stewart’s infidelity, I can’t help but find myself empathising with the cheater. Before you judge me ...

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