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Ready Steady No: A clichéd plot with a fresh script

Pakistani filmmakers seem to find romantic comedies coupled with boy and girl running away from their families, quite lucrative at the box office. That’s the plot we saw in films like Chhalawa, Wrong No 2, Balu Mahi, and probably will witness in upcoming films like Heer Maan Ja. And guess what, that’s exactly what we got in the recent Ready Steady No as well, which is written, produced and directed by Hisham Bin Munawar. The film features Faisal Saif and Amna Ilyas as main leads, with senior television actors such as Salman Shahid, Ismail Tara and Nargis Rasheed being a part of the cast also. The Pakistani film industry desperately ...

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Will ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ be the ultimate ‘anti rom-com’ to end all romantic-comedies?

Imagine being stuck in a universe made up entirely of romantic comedy stereotypes. And to make things even worse, imagine if that universe was rated PG-13!  That’s the living hell Rebel Wilson’s character Natalie finds herself in as she wades through rom-com clichés in Isn’t It Romantic, a meta romantic comedy that’s on a mission to lampoon its own genre. It’s a premise somewhat akin to last year’s Amy Schumer starrer damp squib I Feel Pretty – a woman suffers a head injury, gets knocked out and wakes up in an alternate version of reality. But unlike the 2018 comedy, the ...

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