Stories about retailers

Cheat sheet: How to deal with cheating manufacturers!

We have all come across the famous ‘Lays’ jokes on social media, where jibes are made about the manufacturers of the chips brand only putting a handful of chips and filling up the rest of the bag with air. But an empty bag of chips isn’t the only way that manufacturers cut corners. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons why we are really paying more than we should for certain products: Bags of chips and biscuits that are only 1/4 full of their intended product. Technically, a certain amount of air, known as the ‘slack fill’, needs to be ...

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Your fake face forward

How often have you walked passed a store window, flipped through the pages of a magazine or fashion catalogue and thought to yourself: “Why can’t I look like that model?” While the fashion industry’s role in promoting unrealistic body images of women and girls is nothing new, and appears to only worsen every year, mega fashion brand H&M, the second largest retailer in the world, has taken things to an entirely new level by using images of models so perfect that they apparently do not even exist – literally. That’s right. The models themselves do not exist. That is because last year, H&M ...

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