Stories about religious beliefs

My father was an Ahmadi serving the Pakistan Air Force

On October 14, 62-year-old Mr Latif Alam Butt, an Ahmadi retired Pakistan Air Force (PAF) serviceman was gunned down at Kamra Air base, Attock District. He was shot due to his religious beliefs. My father was also an Ahmadi and a retired PAF serviceman, who also happened to die at the age of 62. But my father was not killed, only marginalised, for his religious beliefs. But he and Mr Butt share more than meets the eye. In 1965, when Mr Butt was only 13-years-old, my parents, newly married at the time, were making plans to start their married life at my ...

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IBA strongly condemns religious discrimination

This article has been written to address the blog previously published on Express Tribune regarding IBA’s elections and how a specific act of religious discrimination was carried out by some students in the university against a Hindu student. Though it is commendable of her to raise her voice against religious discrimination, I still think Ms Syeda Jaisha should have respected the privacy of the university she herself is a student of, the privacy every organisation deserves. As a student of IBA, it should be my first and foremost priority to uphold the reputation of my institute and protect its dignity. A handful of students certainly do ...

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How to cope with the loss of a loved one

I feel so dazed and numb, like this is all happening in a movie and not in my life. I feel guilty for feeling relieved that she is gone, as I could not bear to see her go through so much physical pain. I feel like I lost a part of my identity and support. Everything around me reminds me of my mother as if she will suddenly appear from the next room. Why do bad things always happen to me and my family? Can’t God give us a break? Why do people leave us when we want them the most? Why ...

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