Stories about realization

Anticipating the dreaded A-level results

A vague disturbance settles in the night before results are announced. Sleep has evaded me completely but its absence fails to takes its toll. I browse the web with bated breath, conducting searches for “Cambridge International Exams A-levels” on Google and find nothing of substance – just a link to the CIE website, an examination schedule and a discussion on ‘CIE vs. the IB’. As my fears spread I logged on to to Facebook and was greeted by a message in my inbox: Results tomorrow at 11:00 I felt revitalized as the threat of failure ebbed into a void. But then, in that indeterminate state between recovery and absolute composure, I succumbed ...

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We truly know nothing: afterthoughts to the Airblue crash

We have our lives planned out, we think we know how our day will proceed – the housewife will do the daily chores, others will spend an endless day at work, some have a party planned in the evening, some have deadlines to meet, there’s a birthday coming up, an estranged friend we think we’ll finally talk to today… we plan and plan some more, not knowing the whole time that we know nothing. How does this realization hit us? For the most part of our lives actually it does not; not until there is a tragedy to offer a ...

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