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Finding Mr Veena on reality TV

Veena Malik is getting paid million of rupees to get married on live TV. Well, I can’t say this is shocking or anything new. The global economy might be in the dumps, but marriage is a robust and burgeoning industry. Eager girls and boys have been hammered this drill since diaperdom. Disney told us that if we were pretty and dainty enough, our handsome prince charming would rescue us and marry us in true superstar fashion. Cinderella threw the Prince under a spell with her ethereal blue eyes, and Meg hypnotized Hercules with her cascading tresses and waif-like figure. ...

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Chhote Ustaad, Bigg Boss and reality of Indo-Pak relations

Indian television has suddenly seen a surge of Indo-Pak bonding in the last month. What started off as a peace-building initiative through music, by singers Sonu Nigam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in the form of Chhote Ustaad, seemed to set a trend. Bigg Boss 4 had two Pakistani artists on its show soon afterward. However, while the first was a novel, brilliant idea, the second I have a problem with. Chhote Ustaad, as we all know, had one Indian and one Pakistani singer team up and compete with 11 other such pairs of children. While Sonu Nigam and Rahat Fateh ...

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