Stories about real men

Man-Up and admit that real men cry

Man-Up – a term synonymous to ‘cutting down on the whining’ or ‘keeping quiet when getting hurt’ or ‘not crying in the face of adversity’. How often is it that we hear this term by people in our lives, telling a child to ‘man up’ when he gets hurt and complains about it in the school playground, or telling a kid to ‘man up’ when he cries after finding out that his younger brother had eaten his last remaining chocolate bar, or telling a tearful football player to ‘man up’ when his team loses a game? “Boys don’t cry!” is ...

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Why do jihadists hate women but love pornography?

One of the defining aspects of our culture right now, though it is rarely acknowledged and discussed, is the problem of the young man. We often reflect as a society on the way in which our culture, especially as it is articulated in the media, has very strong and very negative consequences for our young women. From the way in which our media is affecting our cultural understanding of normal body image, to the psychiatric disorders (including but not limited to eating disorders) that ravage a shocking proportion of our teenage daughters, to the ways in which this new ...

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Only in Pakistan can women become ‘white’ and men restore their ‘manhood’ using soap

It is unfortunate that even in today’s day and age we have issues concerning gender identity. In fact, they have become more complex than ever and people are seen spewing offensive slurs at those whom they believe don’t adhere to their idea of a ‘specific’ gender. What is worse is that things don’t end at picking on effeminate men or masculine women; it goes as far as people wanting to restore traditional (read: ancient) gender roles where men are the bread winners for the whole family while women are ‘property’ that stay home, serve their men and pop out babies. As if hideous ...

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