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As long as we keep producing films like Junoon-e-Ishq, Pakistani cinema will never get anywhere

It may seem hard to believe, but the trailer is actually one of the most important parts of a film. After all, it is through the trailer that the audience gauges the film and makes up its mind about whether or not to spend money watching it in the theatre. Thus, the power of a good trailer cannot be denied. Meanwhile, Junoon-e-Ishq is yet another Pakistani film that kept the audience away just through its trailer. Pakistani audiences had serious doubts over the quality of content, the performances as well as every single aspect of the filmmaking, and the ...

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I Salute you, Aitzaz Hassan

Shehzad Rafique is a well-known name in the Lollywood industry. From Ghunghat to Rukhsati to Nikaah, the masses till date remember his movies. After a short hiatus, Rafique is back with a biopic on Aitzaz Hassan – a 14-year-old martyr, who stopped a suicide bomber from entering his school in 2014, saving the lives of thousands of students – titled Salute. The movie is amongst the first biopics that Pakistan has produced on martyrs. Saima Noor was highly appreciated for her drama Rung Laaga with Faisal Qureshi – and now she graces us with her presence on the big screen. As an accomplished actress, a lot of expectations were pinned to Saima’s able shoulders. ...

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