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Rambo: Last Blood seems like a fitting end to a much-loved, explosive series

The Rambo series holds a special place in the heart of movie-lovers (particularly those who grew up in the 80’s) which is perhaps something modern audiences will never be able to fully grasp. Looking at the Rambo offerings now, you wouldn’t be remiss to think of them as the barely scripted, cartoonishly-violent and dated action movies that they are. How dated you ask? Well, one of them is set during the Soviet-Afghan war and involves Rambo going to Afghanistan to train the mujahedeen. Despite three sequels that got gradually worse with each instalment though, the appeal of seeing a jacked Sylvester ...

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Why Pakistan needs Ramazan game-shows

A few days ago, a seminar was organised at my university by a company that handles computer hardware and software. At the end of the seminar, the sponsors arranged a question-answer session and every participant who answered correctly was given a gift hamper. I was one such participant and I won these really cool Lenovo speakers as a result. Even though it was a small thing, winning those speakers made my day. Social events and game shows of such nature are always appreciated. People become excited whenever a new game show comes to town or if a new contest is aired. Previously, we ...

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