Stories about raising kids

I got divorced and remarried, but that is not the problem, the society is

A lot had been said and discussed about the stigma attached to divorce in our society, even on Express Tribune Blogs; hence I do not need to delve much into it. The most ironic yet painful situation occurs when a divorced couple, especially two divorced individuals with children, move on and get married and how they tend to face the challenges set by our society in Pakistan. I have been divorced, but lucky for me, I got married again and have been for the past five years.  He has a son and I have a daughter from our previous marriages. Both of us ...

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‘Maid’ in hell or guardian angel?

When my son was born, all the desi rules applied; the Azaan was given in his ear, the circumcision plans were in place, his head was shaved off at the tenth day, my mom made the panjeeri (which was apparently for my good health), I was told to drink lots and lots of hareera and I also got lots of advice on how to raise my kid. I love this about desi culture. Everyone’s involved. Everyone has an opinion. So as the post partum stresses of sleepless nights and constant feedings and rockings and diaper changing sessions continued, someone advised, “Just get a maid to ...

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