Stories about rainy season

So you think cinnamon cream-cheese rolls are difficult to make?

I had just gotten done with my exams, on an endless rainy morning ,when I came across the idea of cinnamon cream-cheese rolls on Pinterest. I saw the lovely photos and decided that I had to make this right away! This is the perfect thing for a lazy weekend breakfast because it is easy and quick to make, and tastes absolutely great as well. My rolls don’t resemble perfectly smooth roll-ups, because the bread that I used didn’t have exact square pieces, therefore I had to improvise by trying to trim the crust off neatly. I failed miserably and somehow forgot to dip the ...

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A conspiracy in Lahore

The best thing about the clouds over Lahore’s skies is that they do not linger. They come scudding, shower various parts of the city with their respective shares of rain and take their leave. If they arrive in the night, they get done by morning. If they darken the horizon in the morning, they are finished by evening, having restored to the city its brilliant sun. However, this is not the way monsoons are known to behave. Once they arrive they do not leave in a hurry. The rain goes on and on until azans are called from the mosques ...

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