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Gandhi or Modi: Choosing the lesser evil in elections 2014

Is communalism responsible for the rise in terrorism? This is the topic of debate in India today. The attention on the issue became all the more pronounced after the serial blasts that took place in the Hindu right wing leader, Narendra Modi’s rally in Patna. Until recently, this debate had been confined to academic discourse, but after the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement, where he said that the Pakistan’s intelligence agency is recruiting disgruntled elements from Muzaffarnagar, the debate has come into the political arena. Those who have been closely monitoring the political speeches would understand that the younger Gandhi’s target was not ...

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Kashmir: Rahul Gandhi’s proposals are meaningless

On October 4, the Indian National Congress General Secretary and the fourth scion of politically influential Nehru-Gandhi family, Rahul Gandhi visited Indian-administered Kashmir. Rahul’s visit was mainly to alleviate the trust deficit, which has been mounting due to the recurrent abjuration of promises New Delhi has made so far vis-à-vis Kashmir. The young Gandhi made it clear in his speech that he has come to empathise with the people of Kashmir. Well aware about how India has failed in reaching out to Kashmiris, Rahul said while addressing a large gathering, “I want to establish a relationship with you and understand your pain. And I want ...

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