Stories about Punk Rock Pakistan

Open Mic Night in Isloo: Just so-so

Open mic nights have fast been gathering immense popularity amongst performers, whether they are singers, dancers, poets or comedians Рthese nights provide them with a platform to present their act in front of a proper audience. Origami Entertainment in association with Nandos Islamabad organized one such event. I was one of many amateurs that decided to avail this opportunity to play my six string. Registrations were sent, acceptance calls were received and sound checks were made. Unfortunately, the venue was not very big so the inherent limitations of good sound were pretty visible from the get go. Lahore open mic nights ...

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The lack of punk rock in Pakistan

The Pakistani Music Scene or more accurately, the underground, has been home to virtually all variants of Rock music and one cannot therefore objectively dismiss the possibility of there being a Punk band in Pakistan. However, one band does not constitute an entire scene and given the political and cultural climate of Pakistan, the obvious lack of a Punk Rock scene is surprising. Notable Pakistani Punk Rock bands include Cornhole, Chosen Rejects and maybe the grunge band Ash. However, the fact is they do not function in the form of a coherent scene and their relatively few numbers seem to contradict ...

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