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A ‘beta’ for Bruni

Life in the upper echelons of European society can sometimes be as gender biased as it is on our side of the globe. On the one hand, there are Drottningholm Palace of Sweden, that has followed equal primogeniture in their law of succession since 1980, and the Buckingham Palace that plans to do the same to enable William and Kate’s firstborn boy or girl to succeed to the throne after the future King William. On the other hand, there’s Èlysée Palace, home to President Sarkozy of the Republic of France, where (as reports suggest) the First Lady, Ms Carla ...

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Unplanned pregnancy: Time to speak up

How many of us, Pakistani or South Asian women, have the courage to narrate our feelings on the issue of unplanned pregnancies? Why does society not understand that an unplanned pregnancy is a risk factor for depression both, during and after pregnancy? Why do health care providers tend to miss opportunities to learn more about the pregnant woman’s feelings about her pregnancy? I understand that these are difficult questions to answer, considering the norms of our society and medical practice which traditionally view pregnant women as a machine whose purpose is to produce a healthy infant and then be a happy mother-to-be ...

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Who knew life was all about making babies

If you’ve been married for a few months, you probably have been asked the same question repeatedly – ‘the baby question.’ Now, I’m not in any way opposed to people who pop little-poo-filled-bundles-of-joy nine months after their marriage. But please, I urge them to spare us. When you ask me 15 days after my wedding if I’m pregnant or not, you are not only being a tad bit intrusive, you are also being highly insensitive. Asking newly weds every month whether they have been visited by a certain ‘special aunty‘ is not only a huge pain in the behind, it is also ...

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