Stories about power outages

Endangering lives in the name of frugality

While navigating a puddle created by a neighbour washing his car, my mind was drawn to the capital’s civic agency’s plans to save water. Coming just days after a confounding power conservation plan, the water plan, while a bit more realistic, still leaves out a key element which has already been discussed at national level — water metering. The plan includes effective monitoring of leaks in the city’s water supply lines, imposition of fines on water wastage and raising awareness among residents on how to save water. While saving water is definitely an issue, seeing that half of the city’s ...

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Thank you to the Supreme Court for keeping the media busy!

Thank you very much, Chief Justice. Had it not been for the Supreme Court the media — journalists, television anchors, columnists and many others related to the vocation— would have been struggling to find something newsworthy during the Holy month of Ramazan. Though our national character is known for being laidback, the month of Ramazan brings with it some additional lethargy, where no one is ready to do whatever he/she is supposed to be doing. Perhaps, everyone is witness to the fact that when you go to get something done, people at the helm of affairs are seen taking extra credit ...

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