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Trolling — the twisted hobby of some

Plato mentioned a parable from the fourth century, about a shepherd named Gyges who stumbled upon a ring that could render its wearer completely invisible. An invisible man like himself, of course, could not be held accountable. So, he seduced and plundered, proving that invisibility or anonymity can turn the most just of men into behaving rather unjustly. And that the ‘moral’ high ground is ridden mostly by those who are closely monitored, thereby proving that if one was to be left to their own devices, it would only result in complete anarchy. The wise Plato had somehow foreseen the digital ...

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Javed Chaudhry’s misogynistic excuse for violence against women

In a column published on April 1 in the Urdu newspaper Daily Express, Javed Chaudhry  expresses his disapproval for a man who had paid another Rs100,000 to attack his estranged wife by throwing acid on her face.  Even in his attempted condemnation, the language he uses to describe her injuries is detailed, graphic and inappropriate.  “Hadiyan nangi ho gain. Aankh ubal kar bahir aa gai” (Bones were bare. The eye was singed and protruding) But then, these descriptions become downright pornographic as his ultimate thesis becomes apparent; perhaps, women incite violence because of their own insubordination, give or take a few innocent victims.  The narrative focuses ...

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