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#TherapistDiaries: Dissociative Identity Disorder, the reality of multiple personalities

Imagine living in a helpless situation where you have no control over your life. You hold no power to transform or get out of it, where the inner world of imagination is the only escape. This is the very beginning of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder). Where a person has no conscious control over a variety of personality shifts accompanied by distinct sets of emotions, thoughts, language, accents, fashion sense and memories for each personality. The Three Faces of Eve is a classic example of this disorder which is why the movie is included in curriculum of ...

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#TherapistDiaries: The realities of OCD, today’s ‘urban term’

It’s not uncommon in pop culture to use diseases and illnesses as verbs. This insensitive practice often includes the term Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It’s misused to such an extent that it is almost an urban term these days. I heard a teenager, in a popular movie, talking about his mom who was concerned about her son not washing his hands before eating, say, “She’s so OCD!” A designer, whose job focused on geometric and symmetric designs, once told me, “I have OCD”. She had been diagnosed by her friend, who read a random internet article which said that having an obsession with ...

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‘Alien: Covenant’ doesn’t bring anything new to the franchise

The 70’s decade is about to come to an end and everyone along with their dogs is in awe of Star Wars. With this admiration, came the love for all things extra-terrestrial but then Alien happened and suddenly people were reminded that the outer space isn’t as fascinating they first thought. Ridley Scott managed to create a sci-fi/horror classic that conjured up a frighteningly chilling picture of the alien form that might be waiting for us out there in the void and the audience lapped it up like crazy. The ‘largely hit and lately miss’ franchise has since gone through a number of variations with various directors but Alien: Covenant is, if ...

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