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The Birdcage, distorted in Pakistan

Having first learned of the theatrical debut of ‘BirdCage’ in Lahore, I could not help but feel jubilation and mirth. A gay-themed play? I almost fainted with anticipation. This was something I was definitely going to watch. First things first. The producer Dawar Lashari, co-producers Waleed Zafar and Shaheryar Khan and director Ijlal Khan must not only be thanked for bringing us this light-hearted comedy amidst these insane times to our country, where one cannot switch to news channels without expecting another macabre breaking news, but also they should be lauded for their courage to even think of staging a gay-themed play. However, ...

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I am a bunkabab – and proud of it

Yes, I pronounce ‘Cowasjee’ as ‘Cowaaaaasjee.’ Sometimes I say  ‘angrezi’ instead of English and call the letter H – ‘ech.’ Most of the time I find it difficult to understand the meanings of words that most of  my other colleagues understand easily (eg: avid, disheveled, allure etc.) I am often unsure of when to use  ‘a,’ ‘an’ and ‘the’ in a sentence. When making antonyms I misuse the prefixes  ‘im’ and ‘un.’ I don’t understand the appropriate place to ‘lol’ and when I am allowed to ‘lmao’. Yes, I could very easily lose a spelling bee competition. Yes, I am impressed, like most of the Pakistanis ...

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Let there be laughter

One of the many parallels to the chaos theory demonstrate how, even when everything goes terribly wrong, the result can be inherently ‘right’…for reasons that defy explanation. Such was the packed audience’s reaction to Production Illusion’s farce titled ‘Noises Off’ that opened at Al-hamra on August 5, 2010. The play was written by English playwright Michael Frayn in 1982, after he contemplated the nature of ‘backstage’ drama. According to the playwright, “It was funnier from behind than in front and I thought that one day I must write a farce from behind.” Noises Off, thereby is a play within a play ...

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