Stories about phobia

Overcoming the fatal product of your imagination

When I was 10-years-old, I accidentally fell into a swimming pool. I had never learnt to swim. I flailed my arms, but it did no good. I felt myself drowning. I still remember the terror as the dark water surrounded me. I gasped for air and my mouth was filled with water. At the last moment, a life guard noticed my plight. He jumped in and pulled me out. This experience sank into my subconscious mind. The result was that for years I feared the water. Then one day I mentioned this irrational fear of mine to a wise, elderly psychologist. “Go down to ...

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Angry Birds, the Pac-Man of our times

“It is too hot!” my father sighed, as our waiter jotted down our orders. Having waited for nearly 30 minutes, we were finally seated at Arizona Grill, an insanely popular steakhouse in Karachi, Pakistan.  My father winced, cupping his ears: “It is so noisy.” I glanced at the smiles on the faces of my siblings and my mother, as they all nodded in agreement. While I was enjoying the atmosphere, I had to admit that it was rather uncomfortable. At half past 10, on a Saturday night, the basement floor of the eatery was overcrowded. The compact hardwood surroundings made it difficult for the ...

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