Stories about Phil Hughes

Mitchell Johnson, the hunter who instilled fear on the pitch

With a moustache that made him look more like a gangster than a cricketer, running in with a single-minded purpose of making you pay for just showing up at his turf (the crease), Mitchell Johnson must have been a scary site for many international cricketers. And he could make the ball talk when on song – not like Wasim Akram, who would make the ball swoon to his tune, but in a way that was more dangerous in the physical risk it posed to the batsmen. Photo: Reuters Johnson was an inconsistent performer at the highest level. There were days ...

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A lethal weapon or a regular red leather ball?

Cricket, the gentleman’s game, has seen so many changes since its inception, from coloured kits to batting power-plays, from mongoose bats to LED stumps, but one thing that has remained unchanged over these years is the hard, solid, weighing 5 3/4 ounce red cherry – the cricket leather ball. And once again, the hard round ball has delivered a fatal blow which has plunged the cricketing fraternity into darkness and has also raised a question on the safety of the cricket ball. Once again it has been proved that it will hit harder than the stroke of any bat – the ...

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