Stories about peace talks

Pul-e-Jawan in India: How talks can bring peace

The Pul-e-Jawan country forum in India, organised by the Citizen Media Network, convened in Delhi on April 14. It was a follow-up to an event in Kabul where citizen journalists and young peacemakers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India had met in February. This  event was organised just two days after the Pul-e-Jawan forum in Pakistan, which was hosted by Bytes for All in Islamabad on April 11 and April 12. So, where does the name Pul-e-Jawan come from and what is its aim? As their website states, “Pul-e-Jawan literally means ‘Bridges of Youth’ in Dari, as well as in Urdu and Hindi. The aim of Pul-e-Jawan is to transform the conflict in ...

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Talking peace with the Tehreek-e-Taliban

On the bright sunny afternoon of September 2, 2011, a few dozen tribesmen of Waziristan gathered in a small local mosque to offer Friday prayers. Like anywhere in the Muslim world, Friday prayers are usually held following a speech by the local prayer leader. However, today the Imam cut his speech short and dedicated a major part of the sermon time to an unfamiliar guest speaker. Uneasy with the presence of a stranger the locals had no option other than to listen to him. Though, the stranger did not bother to introduce himself to the audience, he was later identified ...

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

I can’t blame them for trying, but when it comes to a real and lasting Middle East peace agreement, the Israelis and the Palestinians are as far apart as they have ever been. On September 2, they gave it another shot in Washington DC. On television it all looked very good to the average American, you had the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanhayu and Palestinian authority president Mahmoud Abbas at the same table for the first time in years. They were joined by US president Barack Obama and two of the Middle East’s most influential power brokers; Egyptian President Hosni ...

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