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‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is one of the worst cases of an ‘old wine in a new bottle’

Oh for the love of God, please stop! How could they possibly continue to flog a cinematic dead horse, or as the title suggests, dead men, who really have no need to tell this obnoxiously tired tale. Sometimes I wonder if these Hollywood scriptwriters have the easiest gig in the world. It’s one thing to write something so absurd, but getting paid millions to do it is just simply outrageous. The Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC) franchise has come out with a new instalment. If you ask me, it’s more cost effective to recall the previous movies in your mind instead of spending your hard-earned bucks ...

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London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony: Unconventionality at its best

The long awaited London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony finally took place last night! Had it not been for the convincing tweets from literally everyone on my Twitter timeline, I don’t think I would have watched it, but I’m glad I did. Here are some tweets that tempted me to tune in to watch one of the most glorious Olympics opening ceremonies I’ve ever seen. Faizan Lakhani @faizanlakhani Genius, that was really unexpected selection to lit the Olympic cauldron, liked it. #OpeningCeremony #London2012 Farrukh Not Farooq @Karafornication The whole London Olympics ceremony is basically the opening theme of Game Of Thrones Salman Ahmed Khan @SAKsays Totally entranced by the opening ceremony of #London2012 olympics !! So I’ve decided ...

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