Stories about past

A journey into the past

One of my friends recently shared with me his experience of traveling on the local Bahawalnagar Express train – an account which I found to be quite interesting, but unfortunate at the same time. Interesting in the sense that taking the state of Pakistan railways into account, it seems like we are living in the 18th century and unfortunate because a tremendous opportunity to garner a considerable amount of profit is wasted by the negligence of the railway authorities. Bahawalnagar Express starts from Samma Satta Junction (near Bahawalpur) and travels to Amrooka, via main cities of Hasilpur, Chistian, Bahawalnagar, Minchanabad ...

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Sindh Culture Day: Balancing the past and the future

While it was heartening to see jubilant celebrations of Sindh Culture Day on December 4, a single decision by the Government of Sindh dented the celebrations in an irreparable manner. One would agree with the decision to officially celebrate the day, but announcing a public holiday thereafter seemed a step too far. It is a question we should at least ask ourselves. As far as Karachi is concerned, Sindh Culture Day will undoubtedly help foster closer ties between the different ethnic groups living in this economic powerhouse of a city. I do not think anyone who lives in Karachi will ...

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In search of a nation

Sixty-three years ago today, we became independent. Sixty-three years ago today, we became a country. But what we never became, and still are not, is a nation. We think of ourselves as Sindhis, Balochis, Punjabis, Seraikis, Pakhtuns and Mohajirs. We are yet to become Pakistanis. What we were meant to be we are not. And what we are, we are not even sure of. But what one thing I am certain of is that had the Quaid been alive today, he would have died of horror at who we, as a country, have become. Ours is a picturesque and resourceful country ...

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