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Sugar crisis: Fed up of food politics

Had we punished the hoarders of basic food items in 2008 and 2009, we wouldn’t have to face the current crisis. Surprisingly, our ‘suo moto judiciary’ did not take notice of it. No one can deny that the current sugar shortage is self-created and that RAW, XE, CIA or Musharraf have nothing to with it. This drama is an epic mismanagement by the policy makers we have elected to operate the public relief departments of this county. We should all know the reasons behind this crisis because we are paying exactly the double of what was available only a few ...

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Does Parliament care about fake degrees more than us?

June and July have been critical months in the national parliamentary schedule because of the federal budget presentation in parliament and then the discussion for its approval. Generally nations anticipate their parliaments to discuss national budgets and come up with ideas and proposals for their well being. I come across the findings of the report of Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) entitled FAFEN Parliament Monitor. The report reveals just how much our parliament took  discussed the federal Budget 2010-11 in the National Asembly in its 2pml-3rd budget session. According to the report: Only 114 out of 340 members took part in budgetary discussion i.e. 33% (June 3rd ...

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University of Panjab – anyone?

Some of our parliamentarians are being questioned on the authenticity of their academic degrees. How disgraceful that we have sitting lawmakers, most of whom might turn out to be complete frauds. Quite a few have master’s and bachelors’ degrees from an institution by the name of ‘University of Panjab’. Next thing we know, the rest will be from ‘Harward’ or ‘Priceton’. In that case, the majority of them will be qualified enough only to be disqualified. The Higher Education Commission has said that it will need three months to verify degrees of lawmakers from PPP, PML-Q and PML-N. The ...

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