Stories about Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, Ramez Galal, you are not funny

The viral video that showcased Paris Hilton being allegedly tricked in to believing her plane is about to crash didn’t make me laugh; it didn’t even make me smile or chuckle inwardly. In fact, I was struck by strong indignation as Ramez Galal, producer of Egyptian TV series ‘Ramez in Control’, made the 35-year-old socialite believe that the plane she was getting an aerial view of Dubai in was about to crash. I grimaced at the ensuing scene of horror and panic while Hilton displayed the appropriate amount of terror. When the man posing as a flight attendant opened the back hatch ...

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What Mathira and Paris Hilton don’t have in common

An article published in the Los Angeles Times describes notorious TV show host Mathira as “Pakistan’s Paris Hilton”. While the comparison does fit with regards to both women being sex symbols (don’t roll your eyes, Mathira’s got the oomph), to me she seems to represent so much more than that. In a country where a greater part of the population prefers to watch “family friendly” TV shows, Mathira brazenly landed up on the sets of VIBE as a host on Love Indicator, a show where she invited callers to share their relationship problems and make song requests. While many were ...

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