Stories about parents

Invisible citizens: recognising Pakistan’s adopted children

Six months ago, a friend of mine had to take her daughter to a child cardiologist, two days after her birth. When the doctor asked her if the child’s birth was natural or caesarian, she informed him that she did not know. He looked at her perplexedly and asked if the father might confirm. She said, promptly, as if this was rehearsed, “I do not know her father.” The fact is, my friend does not know her daughter’s father. She has never met him. Ditto her child’s biological mother. Her child’s genes are a mystery to her. Regardless, she ...

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The good old Eid charm

Eid – the excitement of Chand Raat, new clothes, bangles, mehndi, Eid namaaz, sweet dishes, guests galore, calling on relatives and friends and piling up Eidi. My father greeting the steady procession of guests who come bearing cakes and fruits and fixed smiles. I don’t know their names, but they appear every Eid to fawn over Abba and Ammi. Ammi, in her elegant shalwar kameezes which never seem to crease, always generous and welcoming to acquaintances, relatives and friends alike. The wonderful trolley awaiting to be devoured, dressed up with lace napkins, ...

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Good parents and vicarious dreaming

Usually we keep our likes, dislikes and interests in mind when we plan any activity. However, when we are planning the future for our children, we usually do not take into account what they like or don’t like or even consider their preferences. Being young and immature, most children cannot make good decisions without the guidance of either their guardian or parents. Most parents, when making decisions, usually keep their interests and desires in mind and do not evaluate the strengths, interests and weakness of their child. Sometimes these decisions turn out to be good ones. However, in more cases than not, ...

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