Stories about pancakes

Karachi’s rambling weather and CinnApple pancakes

Waking up to a cloudy morning in Karachi gives me a sugar rush. The cloudy skies, the greyish overcast, the breezy wind, umbrage of green foliage and that impenetrable sunlight, all lend to the heart to wander, dream, dance, sing or hit the kitchen and cook some delicious food. As I collected my bowls and spoons, the doors creaked gently from the breeze outside and by the time I was tipping in the flour and leavening agents, the swaying trees were definitely more engaging than the half done pancake batter that lay before me. Pancakes, I feel, are one of the most underrated ...

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Looking for a quick vacation? Here are seven things to love about Islamabad

If you are stressed or feel a strong need to get out of your city for some fresh air, there is nothing better than a weekend getaway – a break from work, the constant emails and the unending phone calls. Believe me, a vacation is all you need to reenergise yourself, even if it is just for two days. While there are many places one can go to get relaxed and enjoy ones vacation, travelling to Islamabad is a good option to consider, especially if it is for a short period. And keeping the duration in mind, it would help if you ...

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