Stories about Pakistani recipes

Spinach-stuffed chicken: Easy to prepare and impressive to serve!

Chicken is always a popular and easy dish to prepare, especially given the fact that it comes in many variations, ranging from desi to non-desi. It is safe to say that for many people a week without chicken is not a satisfactory week at all. But because chicken is so easy to prepare, it gets a bit boring at times. So keeping in line with my 2019 resolution of trying out new things, I decided to prepare a non-desi variation, one that is both easy to prepare and impressive to serve: spinach stuffed chicken. Spinach is a superfood as it is loaded with ...

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When pizza meets French toast, love transpires

During my time at LUMS, if there was one thing I looked forward to before going to those early morning classes, it was the Pepsi Dining Center (PDC) French toast with a cup of steaming illaichi chai. Another thing I remember from university was the all-nighter sessions, where pizza was our staple, our means for survival… let’s just say pizza saw us through many a tough one. We owe pizza a lot. I have already done a piece on pizza bread and one on French toast so today, I am going to be very creative and combine the two to turn ...

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Gulab Jamun: The quintessential Pakistani dessert

It’s March 1 and Isloo is on lockdown. Since my brain is fine tuned to waking up at 6am, I decided to make my mid-week sudden day-off as productive as possible. I am of the firm belief that it is important to treat yourself – it’s the philosophy I follow in my cooking. However, too much of anything will not make anyone appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a dish. Hence, for me, moderation is key. Now I am not a huge fan of desi sweets but if there are two desi delights I would pick over any ...

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